[02 A] : 16.09.2020

This is our imagined world. We nurture intelligences through sound that are untainted by reason and language.
To listen is to speak to a voice that urges you toward your inner truth.
This is how we communicate our magic.

In this dialogue we start a chain of exchanges through sound.

“Making that magic happen is also a dialectical process, governed by what he (we) calls “speculative practice. I don’t know if the note fits, but I’m going to play it and see where it leads us. Someone in the ensemble responds based on that note, and we are all moving to a different place because that response has given you new ideas, and the way you thought it might resolve has changed also.””

Gwen Ansell on the creative process of Cape Town based drummer Asher Gamedze.

Exchange excerpt 01:
Dhruv first call, 
Shailesh responds,
Mangoma responds, 
Muhammad responds

Exchange excerpt 02:
Mangoma responds as an ensemble

Exchange excerpt 03:
Snippet of call and response

[02 B] : 10.10.2020

“I engage in dialogue not necessarily because I like the other person. I engage in dialogue because I recognize the social and not merely the individualistic character of the process of knowing.”

Paolo Freire

The call-and response continues, but we shift from the sonic to the verbal and intellectual, and back.

Together, through continued dialogue - this time in a different form - we speculate on the potential next steps of this journey.

Starting from the canon - Raag Durga, rhythmic displacement & participatory practice: Mbende / Makwa; and another linear canon -Jazz / Blues / South African Inflection

An interpretation of meaning and responses to emotion and spirit

How dialogue takes place over space, over time. How we listen, how we respond, how we fail and find our own way; and completing a thought as it enters the ether.