[03 A] : 03.11.2020

The music hears the whole story of how everything will go.    
It shows the spaces that you (we) are going to give each other...”

Othnell Mangoma Moyo

Exchange excerpt 01:
Mangoma first call,
Shailesh responds,
Dhruv responds

Exchange excerpt 02:
Muhammad responds to ensemble

Exchange excerpt 03:
Snippet of call & response

“To abandon the cherished object, the guaranteed insurance,
established and recognized references,
to abandon oneself to a music that goes beyond the state of “pleasure”
and is not scared to open the door to self-assessment
in an unpossessed alterity, ravishment, raputre.

Who knows what loss the change might bring?
What is there to lose?
Possibly the frame that imprisons us.”

Philippe Carles, Jean-Louis Comolli (2000)
Free-Jazz / Black Power

[03 B] : 26.11.2020

A process of thought by which apparent contradictions (thesis and antithesis) are seen to be part of a higher truth (synthesis).

untranslatable -
a fundamental substance, a medium of motion, the inherent nature of things, the eternal law of the cosmos.

Intention / spirit mediums / music making practices / the role of tradition

An alternate history of reed music (ngororombe & saxophone) [Community making, values & principles]

Tapping into traditional timezones, borrowing from and making ideas relevant to this moment / across genre, across geography.  

Reflections on process and individual contributions through texture, timbre and melody.  

Navigating conflict and contradiction in an intuitive process of composition.

Cyclical structures as conceptual anchors – always a target in mind [Indian Classical / Ngororombe / Orchestration / Mbira]

Speculative practice and emergent language(s)

Self-actualisation: making new paths from pre-existing forms and practices

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